Making Stories Magazine Issue 11 - Seashore

Vororder: Making Stories Magazine Issue 11 - Seashore - 136 Seiten Anleitungen, 12 Strickdesigns, Geschichten, Informationen - schön bebildert in englischer Sprache.

Theme: Seashore

12 knitwear patterns for garments and accessories that are as perfect for a day
exploring the seashore as they are for your daily life.

With designs ranging from sweet colorwork to intricate texture, blending geometric lace with soothing stockinette, and throwing in a few cables and swooping silhouettes for good measure – our Issue 11 designers have absolutely outdone themselves!

With Making Stories Magazine, we strive to create wearable collections of knitwear that you’ll love and wear for years and years to come. The yarns we feature are all produced with utmost care for our planet and its inhabitants, be they human or non-human. We hope to inspire you to make conscious and informed decisions about what you make, with which materials, and with a lot of joy in your heart.

Designs by…
Audrey Borrego, Imke von Nathusius, Jenn Lampen, Jule Kebelmann, Katrine Birkenwasser, Lindsey Fowler, Louisa Gauge, Marina Skua, Natalia Milas, Regina Wimmer, Sidney Rakotoarivelo, and Tania Dejoie

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