The Shetland Trader - Book Three: Heritage by Gudrun Johnston

The Shetland Trader -  Book Three: Heritage by Gudrun Johnston.

Gudrun Johnston joins forces with Pom Pom Press for the latest instalment of her Shetland Trader series. This third volume explores the very roots of the series: the made-to-order knitwear business run in the 1970s by Patricia Johnston, Gudrun’s mother, which operated as The Shetland Trader.

Through archival research and a network of family, friends, and fibre enthusiasts, Gudrun has unearthed some of her mother’s best-loved designs and updated them for contemporary knitters. This collection contains 11 patterns for garments and accessories. Use them to create seventies-inspired dream ensembles as well as heirloom pieces incorporating traditional Shetland knitting techniques and motifs.

The Shetland Trader, Book Three: Heritage asks us to consider the traditions and fabrics we pass on to those we love, and the stories and wishes knit into every stitch.
146 Seiten, 234 mm x 250 mm, Softcover, printed in the UK

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